Mobile Asphalt Plant

Mewad Equipments is a high-flying manufacturer of Mobile Asphalt Plants in India. Mobile Asphalt Plants have low start-up costs compared to traditional asphalt manufacturing plants, making this mobile plant an ideal solution for Townships, Municipalities and small business owners. The innovative manufacturing process uses minimal waste and is environmental friendly.

We supply Asphalt Mobile Plants at cost effective prices. Mewad's Mobile Road Machinery accommodates operator’s total needs by being easily moved from location to location with relative ease, allowing for speedy assembly and operational use.

Mobile Asphalt Plant Manufacturer

Mobile Asphalt Plants in India

Features of Mobile Asphalt Plant

  • Custom Built to fit your truck
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Manufacture Asphalt all year round
  • Less Fuel Consumption
  • Accuracy in quality Control